Monday, November 9, 2009


We are still connected...hehe..
I was quite lazy to update stories and sorry for not give any comments. Sometimes I cant control when the words "lazy" come throught my mind..
I have to admit that beside writer's block.. I also concentrated more on Facebook

There are lots of friends whom I last saw more than 5-10 years ago. Getting connected with old friends really delights me. Hmm... I wonder if someones could organize a big gathering for all friends.. could it happen?? dont thinks so la..

So, nowday most of the times I play Dota Allstar (Warcraft)..hehe.. Dont know much? lets me explain.. Its is a custom scenario for the real-time strategy video game..

The objective of the scenario is for each team to destroy the opponents' Ancients, heavily guarded structures at opposite corners of the map..

All Players will use powerful units known as heroes.. I like Heroes (Yurnero Juggernaut).. fun n addicted to play online.. crazy to get online n get pressure when playing with stranger that always showing off...bull****!!

4get about games, another 2 week my wife and Adib will going back here.. so, lot things to many things to prepare and have to buy..n most important things is to make this house become normal back!!

My wife said "make sure it clean n clear!!" 

Yes Mam!! can i do that? sure ma...   :)

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