Friday, June 12, 2009

£80m Bid Accepted..

Manchester United fans will miss his talents, his ability to conjure up moments that turn a game.

But the truth is..  i'm glad it's going through. Admittedly there are few players with the talent of Ronaldo. For me it was only a matter of time, and £80m makes business sense.

love eric cantona...

Beckham, Man United forever..

 take off your shirt!!!

Ribery..please come n take ur No 7..

I'm sure Sir Alex knows who he wants next. Ronaldo has won everything with us. So let him go and win "the second best league" in the world if that's what he really wants!!

All we can do as fans is thank him for his service and look to next season, hopefully we'll get the chance to play and beat Real Madrid!!! good bye.. Ronaldo

Yeah!!! Glory2 Man United...


cik_ah82 said...

ape2 je la..xdak kaitan ngan idup mati langsung pun..muehehehe

am-rie said...

iyo la..apa2 pun tiket Man U ke Malaysia dah dalam genggaman..
Ryan Giggs, im waiting for u..hehe..

Felicia F. Ramzi said...

apahal semua pemegang jersey no 7 ya mesti jong2 masuk real madrid ho? beckham dolok gia juak..haih, 80mil, sapa dapat nulak ho..

am-rie said...

sik juak...beckham ngan ronaldo jak..beckham ngan ronaldo berbeza skit, ronaldo nya yang nak pindah ke real tapi beckham sebenarnya setia ngan Man U..hehe